Thursday, August 27, 2009

Good meeting

So we have these meetings at work once a month that we call the "Brown Bag Lunch." They happen during lunch (obviously) upstairs in our big breakroom. During said meeting two of the executive types from the company talk to the group about what their department does, is doing etc. and then they open it up to questions.

Today at this meeting I received a crisp new Tewnty Dollar bill--just for sitting in the front row! How cool is that?!

And afterwards they always serve little desserts. Is this not the most gi-normous chocolate-covered strawberry you've ever seen?

Ok, so maybe it doesn't look that big in this photo, but it was like, the size of a plum! That's big for a strawberry!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Veggi-saurus Bex

ok friends. I need your help. Seriously. I want you to comment on this one. Last night my mom and I made a pact. And you all know how sacred mother-daughter pacts are so I need y'all to help me keep this one. Mom and I agreed to do a Raw Foods Cleanse for 10 days. 10 days! did you hear that? 10 whole days.

Today is day uno. it's not even over yet and I feel like I'm gonna die without my beloved carbs and such. We agreed that we get to have nuts and lean protein (i.e. sliced turkey or chicken), but I'm already running out of ideas about what I can eat. I've basically been eating straight fruit (a pear, a nectaring, cherries, strawberries) and a large helping of baby carrots today (ok, I cheated and had a slimfast type shake for breakfast, but I didn't think I could stomach straight fuit first thing in the am). I also had some sliced turkey and a handful of almonds. Two problems already arising, though: 1. I cannot get full and 2. I think I'm already developing a canker sore or two.

So here's what I'd like from all of you--any and all ideas you have about different fresh fruits and veggies and/or combinations thereof that I can eat raw...and where is the best place to buy them (i.e. inexpensive, but good quality)...enough ideas for 10 days worth of meals.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Frustration that is Boys

Here's an actuall converstion I had over IM with a friend of the male persuasion the other day (his name has been omitted, not really sure why, but I thought it would be mean to reveal his identity):

what you doing tonight?

1:31pm Rebecca:
um...nada so far. Unless laundry counts.

1:32pm Him:
i hear there is a multi stake thing up the canyon

1:32pm Rebecca:
oh, really?

1:33pm Him:
thats the rumor

1:34pm Rebecca:
are you going?

1:35pm Him:
yes and institute

1:36pm Rebecca:

1:43pm Him:
nothing much

1:45pm Rebecca:
yeah. So, were you telling me about the activity as an invite? or just because?

1:46pm Him:
you should come too!

1:48pm Rebecca:
well, thanks for the invite.

1:48pm Him:

1:51pm Rebecca:
what is this activity exactly? Where up the canyon? What time?

1:52pm Him:
i believe its at the dell no idea what time

end of conversation (imagine me throwing my hands up in frustration). Am I wrong to be annoyed by that? Why can't guys ever just give a direct invitation? Can anyone tell me why? Seriously, people!