Thursday, November 19, 2009

Good Support

I'm pretty sure even Stacy London would agree that one of the most essential pieces in a gal's wardrobe is a good, supportive bra. Isn't it sad, though, when your favorite Bra starts to die? I mean, it's so difficult to find a good Bra in the first place--one that gives you enough support, a good shape and is still comfortable. I don't know about you, but mine always show signs of giving up the ghost by the underwire starting to poke through the side. And you know you can't wear it like that because you just get jabbed in the ribs all day.

Well, friends, I have good news. I discovered a little trick to extend the life of our favorite Bras--with hot glue of all things.

1. push the wire back into the casing.
2. using a hot glue gun, apply a generous glob of hot glue over the spot where the underwire was poking out.
3. let the glue cool for a couple of seconds (but not so much that it hardens) and then with your finger, flatten the glob of glue over the hole and let cool completely.

Et Voila! You can continue wearing your Bra comfortably and confidently!