Thursday, March 19, 2009

Special Request

As requested by Miss's a closer look.

Two vintage inspired greeting card fronts.

Vintage postcards

A map of France and bordering countries.

An old "letter."

Vintage newspaper clippings.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Custom Artwork

As many of you know, I purchased my first home and moved into it just before Christmas. For the past couple of months I have been searching for a piece of artwork to go above my sofa. Despite my heculean shopping efforts I have been unable to find one that I I made my own. It took several evenings of sticky fingers, 2 brown paper bags, 9 sheets of scrapbook paper, 9 artists canvases from BigLots and almost 3 bottles of Elmer's glue, but I think it turned out great! Feast your eyes on what I completed and finally got hung up this weekend:

The room needs a few more little touches like a lamp and some paint, maybe...but it is actually starting to feel quite cozy.

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Day of Rest

From Thanksgiving 2007 through about May of 2008 I lost appx. 20 lbs and 2 pant sizes by joining Weight Watchers. I stopped going to WW during the summer and since then a few of those el-bees have crept back onto my body and I am teetering on the edge of having to go back up a pant size--which I refuse to do! Thus I have climbed back onto the weight-loss bandwagon. I haven't gone back to WW (although I am trying to do the things I learned there), but I have the next best thing--a co-worker who's determined to lose the babyfat from her last born and knows a ton of stuff about health and nutrition. She's the best workout buddy ever--probably the closest I'll ever be to having a personal trainer.

Mostly thanks to my workout buddy, I exercised 4 times this week during lunch! Check us out:

Monday: jogging outside
Tuesday: yoga class
Wednesday: walking outside (extra difficult b/c of the gale-force winds out here at Thanksgiving Point)
Thursday: pumping iron

All week I've been telling myself that it's a good hurt. And if it helps me look good and get into yet a smaller size jeans it will all be worth it.

Monday we'll be back at it, but Today...we are resting.